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Maheejaa Bags Private Limited


Sibani Basu Sen (AIRSWEEE 1.0 Mentee)




  • Leather and related products

Leather , Bags , Women , Handcraft , Handstitched , Kantha , Embroidery , Wallets , Men

Maheejaa for the first time made an attempt to use Kantha works in an unique way i.e. in combination with leather. Maheejaa holds a wide range of products such as Handbags, Laptop Bags, Clutches, Men's Wallet and other Lifestyle Accessories with an unique embroidery on each product.


Maheejaa is not just another leather brand. “Maheejaa” is a sanskrit word meaning ‘born of the earth’. It is unique in its own way, a blend of Traditional Art and Modern Design, a fusion of Leather and Kantha Embroidery, specially handcrafted by rural women of Shantiniketan.


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A postgraduate in Economics with specialization in International trade and a diploma in HRD, An AIRSWEEE mentee (top 5 from Bengal), I worked extensively with artisans across Bengal for over 17 years, before leaving my job to start my own Social Venture Maheejaa Bags Pvt. Ltd about a year ago.

Testimonial to AIRSWEEE

AIRSWEEE has taught me the basics of entrepreneurship. It has created linkage & possibilities of expanding my business & a scope to learn a lot many things. I could complete the Startup India Learning Program mainly because of AIRSWEEE learning. It has given me strong mentoring support & confidence.



The Kantha Bag story- when modern handbags meet traditional Bengal art

The story of Maheejaa Bags promoting artisan work Kantha in combination with leather in an unique way got featured on The founders spoke about the venture, the support that Airsweee provided in nurturing of the project, the initial set-back, learning-faced. The article also mentions about the team, the future plan and the present work that is going on. Particular emphases was given on how the rural artisans were handheld to develop kantha that will go hand in hand with the leather work that suits the modern fashion industry.

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  • Flat No- 6B, Block No -29
    DCN, 68, Jessore Road
    Kolkata - 700055
    West Bengal, India.